Naked with the dog

This date was courtesy of pof. After several attempts at scheduling a date because of dog sitting issues, we finally meet for dinner. He had just returned from a vacation with his dog. Just the 2 of them. Very cute, right? Or creepy, whatever. He seemed to be nice enough. While at dinner he explained how they had a lovely relaxing time (yes, him & the dog), he’s had to hire 3 dog sitters because the dog was bored of the first 2, satisfied with his job, and now looking to form the next phase of his life. I’m listening, answering his questions, engaging in conversation.

He says to me “you know I feel so comfortable with you. Like I can share anything with you.”

“Aww that’s very sweet thank you!” Right?

He leans in and says “I want to share something personal with you”.

“I am flattered. Please feel free. “

“You know I really love my dog.” Yes, I do. “I love playing with him. We love playing with each other. He really gets me through some of the loneliness I feel, sometimes.”

“Of course. That’s awesome that you have the dog in your life to help you through those times. People underestimate how much companionship, caring, love, and responsibility a dog provides. Some people treat their dogs as they would a child.”

“I’m so glad to hear you say that. So many people don’t understand that kind of feeling you get from a pet. In fact, I’d like to tell you something else.” [Leans in closer]. “I play with my dog naked.”


“Yes, I mean, the dog is naked; why shouldn’t I be? I really like the feeling of his fur on my naked body.”

I get up from the table. He says” where are you going? Are you offended by this?”

Oh, absolutely not. I just forgot that I had to play with my cat.

12 thoughts on “Naked with the dog

  1. This blog was very interesting…… The 1st thought was ( sense I am not a Pet person) do I assume the theory that a women can determine how she is going to be treated by the way a man treat he’s mother? Or will I be competing with the Dog??? However, after reading the entitle Blog I realized that he had a “STRANGE relationSHIP with he’s dog that I wasn’t interested in pressuring. …. KEEP THE BLOGS coming…….

  2. Thanks, Zina, for your very insightful comment and encouragement! I hadn’t considered the competition angle because it was so dysfunctional. But, that is a very good point. Clearly he has replaced human affection for the dog’s affection, yet is continuing to seek human affection. Has he created a relationship to compensate for his inability to function in a relationship? Your response has inspired me to write a new post under dating tips. Thank you!

  3. What is wrong with people? Shouldn’t this guy be looking at a more “specific” dating site? Like ? hehehehe

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