This date is courtesy of our beloved I am walking up to the door and am greeted by a random guy who knows my name. It’s the guy I am supposed to meet. He is waiting for me outside because he grossly misrepresented himself.  He used a picture of his cousin because he is insecure about his looks, apologizes, and would completely understand if I didn’t want to go through with the date. Ok, I would’ve been an asshole if I said “you look like a pug dog. I gotta get the fuck outta here.” [Which is what I thought in my head.] So, I decided to go through with the date. I drank one drink while he had 3!

We are wrapping it up. I tell him that I have to meet up with a friend in a bit. [When I was in the bathroom I texted a friend to find out where she was going to be]. Fine. He gets me in a cab tells the cabbie where to go; he goes on about his day. While in the cab, I get a text from my friend saying she is running an hour late. No worries, right? I get to my destination and he calls out my name and is stepping out of a cab!!! WTF?

I had to go up to random f’g strangers quickly tell them that I was on a horrible date and pretend like I know them. Of course these people are visiting from London! Why would they not be? He walks up to us and, naturally, I ask if I left anything. Trying to be as graceful as I can, but I’m pissed.  He was just hoping to see if I was interested in having another drink. Again, wtf? So, I said in the nicest way possible that our date ended 20 blocks ago.

So, what does he do? Sits right at the bar and orders himself a drink. I continue to talk to these random strangers who are having a field day with this ridiculous story. What does he do?  He comes over to me and taps me on the shoulder and says “can I talk to you for a moment?” Sure and roll my eyes. He apologizes again and asks if I would join him for 1 drink. Uhhhh, let me think, no! I really appreciate that you a) lured me with your cousin’s picture who doesn’t look remotely like you and b) followed me to another location without an invitation.

It wasn’t so much that he looked like a pug dog, but that he thought all of the steps he did were absolutely ok. I would LOVE to know what he was thinking at every step. Should I have told him at the very beginning what I said at the end? Maybe, but I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by him again at the next place! Next time I am going to be an asshole. Being nice doesn’t play out the same way as it does in my mind.

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  1. I need to remember your trick of talking to strangers to get out of talking to the guy. That was smart on your part! Thank you for sharing this anecdote. I know it’s a few months old but I really enjoyed it and I feel much better knowing that I am not the only person who has been on the worst blind date from a dating website. 🙂

    1. Glad it was helpful, Lisa! I have to publish these ridiculous events because they are so outrageous & they shouldn’t be occurring at all for anyone. It still never ceases to surprise me the level in which people do the exact opposite of what is required to get what they want. Dumb asses!

      Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes!

  2. Hmmmm…. It would have been best to shower him with one gift… You may not see it this way but to reach in your purse pull out a mirror tell him to close his eyes and ask him to open them when it is in front of him! When he opens them say how many lies do you see? It will have a long lasting effect cause from this point forward every time he looks in the mirror he will be faced with a question that only he can answer inside himself! I am sorry this happened to you my friend! But deception in any form is truly not what someone hides from you it is what they hide from themselves! 😉 It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Neither mean nor nice it is direct! 😉 The conversation at the point would be more of a friend nature! Kisses and hugs! CK

    1. As usual, CK, you are absolutely right! In the long run I did do more harm than good, for sure. I led him to believe that other people would give him a shot despite his deceptive tactics! Trying to be the “nice” person got me down a goose chase on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a guy that looked like a pug dog. Nice! I will be practicing the more direct route from now on. Thanks for reminding me to be consistent and true to myself! xoxoxo

        1. Girl, I wish I was making it up!!! It backfired on me all around, I tell ya! Was just trying to be nice! Was trying to be all Do unto others! But, apparently for other people that means follow someone that you deceived.

          1. that was really terrible you know. he should be thankful you went ahead with the date (must be really painful), but following you?? i mean really? clueless?? I know you are pretty and I can’t really blame him, but to actually follow you? haha, oh man. I have a lot of online dating experience I can share with you and I’m telling you girl, this is the first time I’ve heard of a “follow through” hahaha!

              1. i have a lot i can share with you so you can publish on your blog ha ha. some funny some worse than the pug dog. i stopped dating when i met my boyfriend-we met in 2004 online and we have been together since then.. i will share with you my story one of these days. like oprah exclusive hahaha

  3. No one asked me, but I think you were way too “nice” to your misrepresenting date turned stalker. Why would you socialize with him for one minute after you realized the entire meeting was based on a lie? Life is too short and there are too many other options available to you.

    1. I completely agree with you! I learned the hard way: sometimes what you think is the decent thing to do, can backfire royally! In the grand scheme of thing, it made for good material! Of course, now is a totally different story. F people! 🙂 LOL Thanks so much for sharing your opinion and for your honesty!

  4. Well, home boy definitely needs to be taught a lesson. That type of shit is not okay. Ever. He’s a sad, sad person who has much to work on. I don’t think you necessarily need to be an asshole, but a stern “Um, this isn’t okay to do, ever!” would be a step at least. It sucks that people do this.

    I was recently catfished, but by a dude. More to come on that.

    1. Babe, I know now that I should have tore him a new one. Deception should never be taken lightly. I felt bad because he seriously look like a pug dog and thought aww everyone must treat him like garbage! I did wind up telling him that & so did the London tourist, but that was way too late!

      What?!?!?!? I have to hear about this!!! When are you gonna publish it?

  5. This story is unbelievable. I mean I feel for the guy in a way. Reading into it, I would say that he thought you were absolutely stunning and wanted you to like him. He probably was unable to read the subtle signs and the fact that he probably knew deep down he was digging himself a hole just made things worse.

    Obviously, it was no good for you and bordering on scary but I kinda feel sorry for the guy – he must have been lonely.

    1. And I felt sorry for him because he was obviously a man with issues. Sure I guess he wanted sex but I didn’t blame for not wanting it lol. It’s just sad that someone would feel the need to resort like that.

          1. Yeah, but you eventually have to meet in life!!!! Dumbasses!

            Luckily, my little deception person/catfish was only one conversation. It’s sad to see those relationships that go one for months and it’s all based on lies!

    2. Yes, I totally understand what you mean. He just wants to find someone and he thinks he’s not worthy. He also feels the world will superficially judge him and not treat him with kindness. It backfired on me, but I am glad that I treated him like I would want to be treated.

        1. Haha hey I’m more than a virgin thank you. I’m a hunky love machine! And I meant that it wasn’t part of the first date!

          Gee for someone so attractive you can be a right pain the ass 😛

  6. OMG I can’t even believe this. I have been on dates with women through various sites that were nothing like the pics they represented themselves with, however, I never had a first date stalker. Thanks for your story. This serves as a cautionary tale about what can happen.

    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. Yeah it was a crazy experience, but one that I had to share for the very reason you stated. People use their most flattering pics or old pics and think that starting a relationship with a lie will go well. 🙂

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