I’m sick of paying the price of your past failed relationships!

An Open Letter to Exes Worldwide

Dear Ex,

I’m sick of paying the price of your past failed relationships.

It’s not my fault that you failed at the relationship. Why persecute me for your inability to see when you f*d up. Someone cheated on you because you failed as a partner. Face it. You were absent in the relationship and expecting that someone who was present was going to accept your absence. Maybe I was the dumbass for dating you, but I didn’t do it to you. It’s not my fault you couldn’t recognize kindness, love, genuine emotion, honesty, and concern.

F you for not being able to recognize strength and confused it for weakness; for confusing honesty with dishonesty; for distorting trustworthiness with manipulation. All of what you told me where lies because you were still evaluating me based on someone else’s actions. I can admit that now, it’s your turn.

Whatever happened to you, I didn’t do it to you. You can’t go through people to make you better. You have to deal with it before you get into another relationship.

You’re just a dumbass!

7 thoughts on “I’m sick of paying the price of your past failed relationships!

  1. Hahaha…. so true! LOL

    I had a guy I was dating reveal the in’s and out’s of an affair he had with a woman at work telling me how much he loved her but she wouldn’t leave her husband. Several months down the track she found out that we were a couple and guess what – she left her husband. I was left wondering what truck had hit me. BOOM – It was bullsh*t – let’s hope they found their “perfect love”.

    1. I’m so sorry that you went through that SWFD. It’s wrong on so many levels! All I can say is that you have the capacity to show love to people who don’t love themselves and that are searching for themselves through people.

      1. Thx YJADA – I appreciate your thoughts… 🙂
        Yet another internet dating “winner” – why put yourself “out there” as available when they clearly have a lot of “self work” to do or not over the EX…. 😛

        1. It’s part because I’m a clinician and part my nature, but I can’t stand to know that people experience things that are unfair to them.

          When the internet starts to mimic the type of people you would meet in public, is when I take a pause on internet dating! 🙂

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