Wow! Nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

I have had the honor of being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award from one of my favorite bloggers, needforspeed! She chronicles her life and dating adventures in a smart, honest, poignant and entertaining way! She’s hilarious and great! I don’t know why she’s single! Thanks for the nomination, love!

So the rules are that I have to: 1) thank the person who gave it to me, 2) share 7 possible things that are unknown about me,  3) nominate 15 or so bloggers, and 4) notify the nominees of their nomination.

1. I am a native New Yorker, which some might say explains my tone 😉 Nothing like growing up with Central Park & syringe infected Tompkins Square Park as your playgrounds.

2. I grew up with “tiger” parents, which some might also say explains my tone 😉 Looking back at the deprivation I felt when I was younger, I’m grateful for it.

3. The You’re Just a Dumbass concept was an idea I had 9 years ago. I developed and refined the technique and finally got over myself and started writing.

4. I have another  7 ideas that I am working on. Can’t wait to give them life!

5. I am inspired by other bloggers courage. Not just the content, but the character & passion that is conveyed in the writing.

6. I am a picky eater. I’m the one that requests things to be put on the side.

7. I try to enhance 1 human beings life every day. Not just in the give change to the panhandler way, in a help someone through pain way.

This is in no ranked order. I admire and am inspired by them all equally. The list of nominees are:

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