Sex with a Brazilian woman

Random guy at a bar starts chatting me up. Tells me all about his living arrangements, relocation drama, & work. Tells me how German laws are very lenient around manslaughter. How did we get to this topic, you ask? “Well, in Germany you can rape children and only be put on probation.” Really? “I’ll give you an example. A friend of mine who is involved with the Russian mob, was chasing a guy down to beat him with a bat. The victim is naturally running away, but gets hit by a car and becomes paralyzed for life. My friend served no sentence in prison. He was just put on probation.”

“Wow. Any other secrets you want to tell me about?”

“Yes. I have a bucket list.”

“Oh yeah? It doesn’t involve maiming anyone does it?”

“No. I’d like to have sex with a Brazilian women [meaning me].” So, if you can let me know within the next half hour if that can happen. I’m staying in this hotel.”

“Looks like you’ll be masturbating to the idea, then.”

“You mean you would turn down good sex?”

“Good bye!”

I told you this ridiculous story to tell you this. After telling me about his own shady run ins with the law, that he has taken every drug known to man, and that he had a recipe for crystal meth on him; he thought it was gonna get him laid? Oh and that he is good sex, according to him. People: Am I crazy?

28 thoughts on “Sex with a Brazilian woman

    1. Thanks for reassuring me that I’m not crazy! Appreciate that you even let me know in Portuguese that some men may have issues! I still laugh & wonder what possessed him to tell me even half of what he did! Sinceramente, coisa incrivel! Axave que ia te sorte? Ninguem merece!

  1. No you’re not wrong but I’m sure a lot of guys will be masturbatory after reading this. I know I will be cause brazillian women are sexy and erotic as hell

  2. Hahah! That’s true! He’s already revealing his ‘secret life’, why would any lady be attracted to that? Not sure why some men don’t get this,but revealing their shady side is quite a turn off to most women! (I’m not sure if there’s any ladies who’s turned on my that,though!) Plus……he sounds like an abuser too! 😀

    1. Right?!?!?! Thanks so much for agreeing that I’m not crazy, Tina! You know when people tell you they feel like they are in the Twilight Zone? I felt like I was in a cartoon and circus at the same time!!! What’s coming out of the clown car next?

      I do appreciate that some women like the edginess and that’s exciting to them. I’m not one of them 🙂

  3. Yeah! Though I haven’t met any girl friends who would…you know get excited to hear all of that, but that’s plain madness! Don’t think you’re crazy, I would’ve even reacted the same way! A huuugee wave and so long dude! Hahahah…..

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